HSK Reading Practice Collection - Reading Practice for Every Level

This collection of HSK practice readings based on reading level will help send you on your way to developing your Chinese reading skills. Each HSK level adds a number of Chinese characters and we've done our best to limit these readings to those levels as much as possible. These reading excerpts are all taken from full lessons that we have available on our web platform and app, Du Chinese. We will continually add to this list as we add more readings to our blog.

A Quick Intro to HSK Reading Levels

As you increase in HSK levels you will also increase in the number of new characters per level. Here are the total numbers of characters per level:

  • HSK 1 - 150
  • HSK 2 - 300
  • HSK 3 - 600
  • HSK 4 - 1200
  • HSK 5 - 2500
  • HSK 6 - 5000+

HSK Reading Practice

HSK 1 Reading Practice

Chatting About Friends
Two Words for "Can"
Do you have WeChat?

HSK 2 Reading Practice

Chatting with Mom
Let's Talk Later
Do you have a charger?

HSK 3 Reading Practice

Exchanging Money
Hurry Up
Buying Cold Medicine

HSK 4 Reading Practice

I want a Refund
Checking in at the Airport
That's Settled
What do you do at the gym?
Do Chinese Use Ni Hao?

HSK 5 Reading Practice

Conversation Topics in Chinese
Don't Just Use

HSK 6 Reading Practice

Addressing Colleagues in the Workplace
China's Favorite Snack
A Journey to the West
Lord Ye's Passion for Dragons


With these readings you can get yourself started, but to really master Chinese reading you should read everything you can! We recommend spending time on the Du Chinese app to read Chinese with help when you need it. You got this! 加油!