Chatting with mom – HSK 2 Reading Practice

In this HSK 2 reading practice we'll take a look at some excerpts from a conversation between Little Ming and her mom. As you read through the text, you can also listen to a native speaker. These phrases we've chosen just show one side of...

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2019-10-11upper intermediate

Checking in at the Airport – HSK 4 Reading Practice

In this HSK 4 reading practice we're going to help you with some basic travel Chinese. We'll look at some key phrases that you will likely hear at the airport. Each phrase comes with reading assistance as you need it. You can choose to...

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2019-10-05upper intermediate

I Want a Refund – HSK 4 Reading Practice

In this HSK 4 reading practice we'll practice a few phrases that will help your Chinese listening, reading and writing.

These sentences are part of a longer conversation between a store manager and a customer returning his printer. As you...

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Announcing Du Chinese for the Web

Now you can finally read Du Chinese lessons directly in your browser on our website. Until now, Du Chinese has only been available as an app for iOS and Android, but today we're making it possible to read all of our lessons on the web directly...

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Scholarships for Du Chinese Premium subscribers!

Please note: The application period for the scholarship has ended, and it is no longer possible to apply.

We are proud to offer the chance to win a $1,600 scholarship for students who are interested in attending the Fudan School of Management...

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How to fully immerse when learning Chinese in China

Lena is from Denmark and has been in China for three years. She is working fulltime at LTL Mandarin School while she is filming videos for her YouTube channel Lenaaround.

‘Ni hao ma?’ is a phrase I hear often. It isn’t coming from the Chinese...

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To All Our American Friends... Come To China!

This is an article from one of our partners GoEast. They are a professional Chinese language training school offering superb online classes!

Recently following the election of the new American president, the Canadian immigration website crashed...

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Top 5 Websites To Watch Western TV In China

This is an article from one of our partners GoEast. They are a professional Chinese language training school offering superb online classes!

Many western TV shows are coming back this September! Check out this website made by Chinese fans that...

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Mandarin Self-study: Practice with These 2 Apps

Is it possible to practice Mandarin by yourself, without taking classes or living in China? It could very well be, at least if you are to believe the advocates of input based language learning. Input based language learning consists of listening...

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Could You Please...?

When asking for something in English, you would often use 'can,' 'could,' or 'would.' For example, when ordering food in a restaurant, an English speaker would say 'Could I have a steak?' or 'I would like to...

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Ten Popular Apps the Chinese Use (Part 2)

In our earlier blog post Ten Popular Apps the Chinese Use (Part 1) we introduced 5 well known Chinese apps. Have you tried them out yet?

Here in Part 2, we continue to introduce 5 more apps that we hope you will find useful.

美颜相机 / BeautyCam


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It's Not Karaoke: What You Should Know About Chinese KTV

Okay, maybe it's a little like karaoke...

What is KTV?

Foreigners find Chinese people alike are quite stern and rigid in everyday life, but this all changes when it’s time for KTV! In Mainland China, KTV means having a private room with a...

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Ten Popular Apps the Chinese Use (Part 1)

Do you want to make Chinese friends online, but they don’t use Facebook or Twitter? Do you want to use Google Maps so that you can find your way around, but you can’t access it from China? Do you want to buy something online, but found that the...

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Usages of 那个 Not Found in Textbooks

If someone were to ask you “Do you know how to use 那个?” your answer would probably be ”yes”.
Of course, “那个” is a very common word in Chinese, and everyone who has studied for a while has come across it. A lot of Chinese grammar books will explain...

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Talking about football in Chinese

Do you like to play football? Or perhaps you like to watch football games?
Football is popular in China, and especially among men. Even though the male Chinese football team has not found much successful yet, the Chinese audience enjoys watching...

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Ordering a hamburger in Chinese

Chinese food is great, but sometimes you just want a juicy hamburger. Has this ever happened to you living in China? There is only problem though: how do you order a hamburger in Chinese?

In this post, we give you the complete guide on how to...

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The Duanwu Festival Aka The Dragon Boat Festival

The Duanwu or Dragon Boat Festival () is a traditional Chinese holiday occurring on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar (June 9th in 2016). The focus of most celebrations involves eating zongzi ( ), drinking realgar...

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Astrological Signs in Chinese

In China the Chinese zodiac is the most famous, but many young people are interested in the astrological signs as well, so it can be a good topic of conversation when you are making new Chinese friends.

In this blog, we will learn how to ask for...

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Speak Chinese at Shanghai Disneyland

Surely everyone who likes Disney dreams of taking a stroll around Disneyland. But for Chinese people it is not that easy, because there is no Disney resort in mainland China. The closest ones are in Japan and Hong Kong, but Chinese netizens need a...

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Watch Chinese dramas, learn Chinese

Do you like Chinese TV dramas? I believe watching TV is a good way to practice Chinese, because not only is it fun, but you can also learn a lot about the culture.
In this blog, I give my recommendation for a Chinese TV drama high in popularity...

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The Complete Guide to Ordering Coffee in Chinese

Using (I would like a cup of coffee), to order a cup of coffee really isn't sufficient these days. What about the size? Would you like it flavoured? How about the kind of coffee bean? None of this is covered by "我要一杯咖啡". This post...

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The Boat of Friendship

Recently the phrase ”友谊的小船说翻就翻 [yǒu yì de xiǎo chuán shuō fān jiù fān]”, meaning “The Boat of Friendship Suddenly Tips Over”, went viral in China and spread through WeChat's moments and friend circles. In this lesson, we learn where this...

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Taking Photos

If you travel in China and find a beautiful spot, you might want to take a photo there together with your friends. Sometimes you want to ask someone nearby to help you take a picture. In this lesson we will learn how to do this as well as how to...

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Taking a Taxi in China

Taking a taxi is not as expensive in China as in many Western countries. For example, in Beijing, the 起步价 [qǐ bù jià] (starting price) for a taxi ride is around 14 yuan, and then 2.3 yuan per kilometer. So whenever you want to go somewhere, you...

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Buzzword About Rich in Chinese

We often use “有钱 [yǒu qián]” to describe someone has a lot of money in Chinese. But are there any other words to describe this?
In this lesson, we will learn some popular internet buzzword used to describe the rich and the poor.

高富帅 [gāo fù...

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How to Chat with Chinese using WeChat

Are you familiar with WeChat? WeChat is one of the biggest chat apps in China, currently boasting over 9 billion users. It is used similar to how WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, etc. are used in other countries but with mainly Chinese users, so you can...

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What Emoticons are Popular in China?

Do you use emoticons when you chat with your friends online? What emoticon do you like to use the most?
Emoticon in Chinese is called 表情符号 [biǎo qíng fú hào], or just 表情 [biǎo qíng] for short. You can ask your Chinese friends like this:


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Checking into a Hotel

Can you check into a hotel using only Chinese? In this lesson, we will learn some words and phrases which come in handy when traveling in China.

Check in is called 入住 [rù zhù] in Chinese, so when you enter a hotel you can tell the 前台接待员 [qián tái...

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Discussing the Oscars in Chinese

He finally did it! As you have probably heard, Leonardo DiCaprio was awarded an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in The Revenant. Congratulations!
Let's grab this opportunity to learn how to talk about the Academy Awards in Chinese!


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2016-02-27upper intermediate

Little Li's recipe: Stir-fried tomato eggs

Do you want to make authentic Chinese food but have trouble reading Chinese recipes? In this lesson we learn some words and classifiers which often appear in recipes, to start our journey on becoming Chinese food experts!

We will learn how to cook...

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Buying things on Taobao

Do you know what the biggest online shopping site in China is?
It's not Amazon or eBay! It's Taobao, or 淘宝网 [táo bǎo wǎng]!
“淘 [táo]” here means “to pan” as in “panning for gold”, and “宝 [bǎo]” means “treasure”. So 淘宝 [táo bǎo] means “...

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How to Buy a Train Ticket in China

Are you taking the train in China and need tickets? Are you unsure how to buy train tickets in China? In this lesson, we will learn all about it.

To purchase a train ticket in Mainland China, you can go to any railway station a maximum of 58 days...

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Chinese New Year Do's And Don'ts

Chinese New Year, also known as 春节 [chūn jié](Spring Festival), is the most important festival in China.

The Chinese New Year is especially important because the Chinese believe that a good start affects the entire year. There are therefore some...

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Would you like some goldfish tea?

In Taiwan, there is a type of tea bag which transforms into the shape of a goldfish when put in hot water. You can see it in action in the video below.

Cute, right? OK, now that we're in a good mood from watching the video, let’s begin today’...

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Ordering Food In Chinese

Do you find it difficult to order food in China? Have you ever had to eat very spicy food just because you didn't know how to express the spiciness you wanted?
In this lesson, we learn how to call for the waiter, specify the spiciness you...

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Learn Chinese With Star Wars

Alright, we might be a bit late to the Star Wars party, but even though “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” premiered last year in the US and other countries, in China it premiered on January 9th this year.
This time, we will learn how to say some...

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Du Chinese for Android Released

Our Chinese reading app Du Chinese which was previously only available for iPhone, is finally out on Android as well!
You can download it from the Google Play Store.
The iOS version is available from the App Store.

About Du Chinese

Du Chinese is a...

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Chinese Zodiac - Monkeys Spell Out The Word "Monkey"

2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac. The Chinese zodiac is not only popular in China, but also in several other East Asian countries including Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Mongolia. Some of these countries use the...

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2016-01-05upper intermediate

Recommended Chinese Variety Shows

Do you like watching Chinese variety shows?
Watching TV shows can be a great way to improve your Chinese listening skills and learn new words. But sometimes it can be hard to find a show that fits your level of Chinese. In this post we recommend...

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Christmas - 圣诞节

Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas? As you probably know, the biggest holiday in China is during the Lunar New Year, which usually occurs around February. Traditionally, Christmas is not celebrated in China, but lately some young people enjoy...

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Christmas Tree - 圣诞树

This year, the price of a Christmas tree in China is only half of last year’s price. The reason for this appears to be a new policy by the Chinese government, but before we look into that, let’s learn how to say “Big Christmas tree price reduction...

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Top Student Dog - 学霸狗

At Wuhan University there is a very famous and very clever dog. This dog likes to attend class at the University, and can even ride the bus to get there. After class, she enjoys running together with her classmates. She is very well liked by...

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Train - 列车

Do you have trouble hearing what the announcement says when you ride the bullet train in China?

In today's sentence, we learn how to say "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard this train", which is usually the first sentence in...

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2015-12-21upper intermediate

Hot Water - 热水

Have you ever wondered why they serve hot tea in the Chinese restaurant, even though it's the middle of summer? And have you ever questioned yourself: why do Chinese people all love drinking hot water?

There's not a clear answer to this...

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This is an image of China’s Official train ticket website 12306.cn’s CAPTCHA, with a text saying “find all the pictures containing red wine”. Can you find the correct ones?

12306’s ticket buying CAPTCHA has stumped a lot of people. The CAPTCHA...

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Having A Mistress - 有小三

In Chinese, the word for mistress is 小三. It's a word you'll encounter quite often in magazines and TV shows, so it might be worth remembering.

In today's elementary example, a lady unexpectedly answers the phone when Little Ming calls...

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Choosing a Name - 取名字

How do Chinese parents choose a name for their child?

Some parents like to give their child a name by combining the father and the mother's surnames. This method is actually quite good, but one must be careful to avoid ambiguities that might...

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