How to Order a Hamburger in Chinese

Chinese food is great, but sometimes you just want a juicy hamburger. There is only problem though: how do you order a hamburger in Chinese?Has this ever happened to you while you were in China?

In this post, we give you the complete guide on how to order a hamburger in China. Hamburger in Chinese is called hànbǎobāo, or just hànbǎo for short. Talking about hamburgers, McDonald’s might come to mind, right? In China there are many McDonald’s, and they are especially popular among children and young people. McDonald’s is called màidāngláo in China. If you enter màidāngláo and want to order something, perhaps the easiest way is to order a tàocān (combo meal), because that way you don’t need to talk so much. 🙂

Nowadays, most McDonald’s have touchscreen menu’s where you can order your meal. You can probably get by with just pictures – but where’s the fun in that? Every time you go to a shop it’s a great chance to practice and improve your Chinese. If you do decide to go with the touchscreen, see if you can recognize the characters of the food that you order. 

And now you can order! Easy, right? If you don’t want a combo, but want to dāndiǎn (order single items), what should you do? The simplest way is just to point at the menu and say “ yàozhège (I want this)”.

Of course, if you know the names of things you can say them as well. Let’s have a look at McDonald’s menu in Chinese.

McDonald’s Menu in Chinese

jí shì hàn bǎo 吉士汉堡
Double Burger
shuāng céng hàn bǎo 双层汉堡
Big Mac
jù wú bà 巨无霸
Spicy Chicken Leg Burger
mài là jī tuǐ hàn bǎo 麦辣鸡腿汉堡
mài xiāng yú 麦香鱼
mài xiāng jī 麦香鸡
Sausage & Egg McMuffin
mài xiāng zhū liǔ dàn hàn bǎo 麦香猪柳蛋汉堡
Orange Juice
chéng zhī 橙汁
Hot/Ice Tea
rè / bīng hóng chá 热/冰 红茶
Hot/Ice Coffee
rè / bīng kā fēi 热/冰 咖啡
xiān nǎi 鲜奶
kě lè 可乐
fēn dá 芬达
xuě bì 雪碧
Milk Shake (Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry)
(qiǎo kè lì/xiāng cǎo/cǎo méi) nǎi xī (巧克力/香草/草莓) 奶昔
Sundae (Chocolate / Strawberry / Pineapple)
(qiǎo kè lì/cǎo méi/bō luó) shèng dài (巧克力/草莓/菠萝) 圣代
McFlurry (Cappuccino / Mini M&M’s Milk Chocolate / Oreo Cookie Crunch)
(kā fēi/zhū gǔ lì/qǔ qí) mài xuàn fēng (咖啡/朱古力/曲奇) 麦旋风
Ice Cream Cone
yuán tǒng bīng qí lín 圆筒冰淇淋
Apple Pie / Pineapple Pie / Orange Pie
píng guǒ pài/bō luó pài/jú zi pài 苹果派/菠萝派/橘子派
Fries (Large / Medium / Small)
(dà/zhōng/xiǎo) shǔ tiáo (大/中/小) 薯条
Chicken McNuggets
mài lè jī 麦乐鸡

Using the above list, you can order like this:

Then you can say jiùzhèxiēle (that’s all) to finish your order. And you may also let the cashier know if you want to dàizǒu (take out) or zàizhè’rchī (eat here). Oftentimes they will ask you if you want to take it to go or eat in, so you might as well be ready to let them know your preference.


In China, if you want some ketchup you have to ask for it. You’ll want to specify the number of ketchup packet you would like. Too many times I’ve forgotten to ask for enough ketchup and I run out of it before I finish my fries! You can ask like this:

Related words
fān qíe jiàng 番茄酱
xī guǎn 吸管
cān jīn zhǐ 餐巾纸

If you order coffee, the cashier might ask if you want milk and sugar. Have a look at our previous post to learn more about ordering coffee.

Personally, I find McDonald’s in China to quite possibly be the best in the world. The price is cheaper than in the U.S. (or Europe) and the taste is excellent. That’s right, I think the taste of McDonald’s in actually better in China. Maybe it just has something to do with the limited amount of American food options, or maybe it really is better. Now you’re ready to enjoy ordering yourself a hamburger in Chinese. 

That’s it! Now go get your food and enjoy!

This is the accompanying blog post for our newbie lesson “Ordering at McDonald’s“.

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