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Hot Water - 热水

Have you ever wondered why they serve hot tea in the Chinese restaurant, even though it's the middle of summer? And have you ever questioned yourself: why do Chinese people all love drinking hot water?

There's not a clear answer to this question. Some people say it's because the tap water quality in China is not good. Others say it is because drinking hot water is healthy.
In my opinion, drinking hot water is just a custom. From childhood we have been taught not to drink tap water, but that we instead must drink hot water. Once the stomach gets used to always drinking hot water, drinking cold water just feels uncomfortable.

In today's sentence, we'll learn how to say "Why do Chinese people love drinking hot water? " You can use it to ask your Chinese friends and see what their opinion is on the matter.

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wèi shén me
zhōng guó rén
Chinese people
to love, to be fond of
to drink
rè shuǐ
hot water

Why do Chinese people love drinking hot water?

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