How to Flirt in Chinese | Asking Someone Out in Chinese

Language barriers can be the most frustrating when you are trying to form a romantic connection. While Valentine’s Day (情人节, Qíng rén jié) is not a Chinese holiday, the month of February still seems to put everyone around the world in the mood for love, so it’s a great time to learn some romantic words/phrases in Chinese and learn to flirt with your Chinese crush. Or just prepare for your next new crush!

First you’ll probably want to talk with your friends, so you’ll need to learn how to talk about this new crush in Chinese. 

Words to describe your soon-to-be relationship:

to flirt 打情骂俏dǎ qíng mà qiào
to have a crush on暗恋àn liàn
infatuated  痴情 chī qíng
fall in love at first sight一见钟情yī jiàn zhōng qíng

After you’ve talked with your friends, you’re probably feeling brave enough to talk to your crush. Once you have the opportunity to chat with your love interest you’ll want to let them know how you feel about them. This is where the compliments and flirting come in. 


I like you.我喜欢你wǒ xǐ huan nǐ
I’m crazy about you!我为你疯狂wǒ wèi nǐ fēng kuáng
You are really something special.你很特别nǐ hěn tè bié

Compliments to give:

You’re so handsome你太帅了Nǐ tài shuài le
You’re so pretty/beautiful.你太漂亮了Nǐ tài piào liang le.
You are very cute.你非常可爱Nǐ fēi cháng kě ài.

Once you’ve talked with them for a while and they know how you feel, it is time to ask them out. 

Would you like to grab a coffee with me?你愿意和我喝杯咖啡吗?Nǐ yuàn yì hé wǒ hē bēi kā fēi ma?
Are you available tonight?你今天晚上有空吗?Nǐ jīn tiān wǎn shàng yǒu kòng ma?
Do you want to dance?你想跳舞吗?Nǐ xiǎng tiào wǔ ma?
I had a really nice night.我今天晚上过得很开心Wǒ jīn tiān wǎn shàng guò de hěn kāi xīn
Can I kiss you?我想吻你,可以吗?Wǒ xiǎng wěn nǐ, kě yǐ ma?

Assuming that first date went well and was followed by others, soon you two will want to learn some pet names for each other. 

Pet names:

Baby/Babe宝贝bǎo bèi
Dear/Darling亲爱的 qīn ài de
Sweetie / Sweetheart小甜甜 xiǎo tián tián

And if things go well, someday you may need to learn to say 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) — I love you!

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