Christmas Tree – 圣诞树

This year, the price of a Christmas tree in China is only half of last year’s price. The reason for this appears to be a new policy by the Chinese government, but before we look into that, let’s learn how to say “Big Christmas tree price reduction” in Chinese:

So how cheap is it really? You can get a 1.5 meters tall tree including 100 decorations for only 39 yuan, or about 6 dollars.

Why is it so cheap? Well, one shop owner says that the biggest reason is the new frugality campaign put forward by the government. Before this policy came about, many companies would buy large Christmas trees to decorate their offices before Christmas. For them, what is important is whether or not the Christmas tree looks good, and not so much the price. But because of the frugality campaign, no companies are buying Christmas trees anymore. Now, it is instead families having small children who buy Christmas trees. These families put more value into whether or not the price is reasonable, and the only way for sellers to guarantee sales volumes is therefore to lower the price.

This is the accompanying blog post for our intermediate lesson “Great Christmas Tree Sale“.

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