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HSK Reading Practice Collection – Reading Practice for Every Level

This collection of HSK reading practice based on your reading level will send you on your way to developing your Chinese reading skills. Each HSK level adds a number of Chinese characters and we’ve done our best to match these reading to what you should know for each level. These reading excerpts are all taken from full lessons that we have available on our web platform and app, Du Chinese. We will continually add to this list as we add more readings to our blog. Once you click into each link you’ll find that you can choose to do simplified or traditional Chinese reading practice. 

A Quick Intro to HSK Reading Levels

As you increase in HSK levels you will also increase in the number of new characters per level. Here are the total numbers of characters per level:

  • HSK 1 – 150
  • HSK 2 – 300
  • HSK 3 – 600
  • HSK 4 – 1200
  • HSK 5 – 2500
  • HSK 6 – 5000+

HSK Reading Practice

HSK 1 

Some people may be surprised that you can already read full sentences and even stories at HSK 1. When you’re first starting out you may be more dependent on pinyin and translations, but this is a great way to help you immediately apply what you are learning. 

Chatting About Friends
Two Words for “Can”
Do you have WeChat?
How much is this?
Lili’s Siblings

HSK 2 

HSK 2 is the quick level jump up from HSK 1. With just 150 more words you’re ready to start reading some serious material! Here are 5 more practices that you can go through. At this point you’re probably making quick advances in reading and comprehension through the use of flash cards and practice sentences. These lessons will help you see how to put the words together in a useful way. 

How to Give Commands in Chinese
Let’s Talk Later
Do you have a charger?
Bus to the Library
Does your room need cleaning?

HSK 3 

This is the sweet spot where you can start to effectively use extensive reading to improve your Chinese in a very enjoyable way. Everyone says that the jump from HSK 3 to HSK 4 is the first big one, but not for you. Try these readings and see how it goes. Then try to get your hands on all the reading practice that you can. 

Exchanging Money
Hurry Up
Buying Cold Medicine
Are you awesome??
Panda Eyes

HSK 4 

This is where we find most people begin seeking out things to read in Chinese. You know enough that you can easily find written material for your level. We put out a lot of content around HSK 4 because we know it’s the best way to help you keep advancing. 

I want a Refund
Checking in at the Airport
That’s Settled
What do you do at the gym?
Do Chinese Use Ni Hao?

HSK 5 

By now, you’re a reading pro! You’re ready to start learning more Chinese, in Chinese. Check out these lessons and then keep reading everything you can get your hands on. Great job on making it this far!

Conversation Topics in Chinese
Don’t Just Use
Exposing the Horse’s Foot
Most Frequent Names in China

HSK 6 

By this time you can probably read most things without actually seeking out something written for your level. We create “master” level content so that you can read things that will stretch you and help you keep learning more. 

Addressing Colleagues in the Workplace
China’s Favorite Snack
A Journey to the West
Lord Ye’s Passion for Dragons
I and You in Chinese


With these readings you can get yourself started, but to really master Chinese reading you should read everything you can! That’s why we recommend using Du Chinese to read Chinese at any level, effortlessly! You got this! 加油!

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