Lord Ye’s Passion for Dragons – HSK 6 Reading Practice

Chinese is full of 成語 and you are sure to come across many of them when reading at an HSK 6 level. One Chengyu dictionary contains over 48,000 of them. In this reading practice we will look at one 成語 and how to use it. You can practice vocabulary, listening and reading with the interactive sentences below. If you want to try out the full lesson, there are links at the end. 

Suggestion for Study

  • Try to read the sentence without assistance
  • Listen and follow along to see if you can understand
  • Hover over any words you don’t understand
  • Go back and review 

Practice Sentences

To read the entire lesson you can click here

If you’d like another HSK 6 level reading practice try this lesson

When you’re ready to take your Chinese to the next level try the Du Chinese app:

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