How to Use WeChat: An Introduction for Beginnners

Wechat is now indisputably the most popular communication tool in China owing to its user-friendly functions including voice messaging, video chat and even ordering food. You’ll be able to send instant messages simply by adding a person as your friend on WeChat, irrespective of whether he or she is in China or not.

WeChat functions are constantly being optimized to allow its users to do almost everything with only a few clicks. For example, you’ll be able to top up your mobile phone, pay your electricity and water bills, and order food with the help of WeChat. If WeChat is something new to you, we are here to give you a brief introduction on some of its most popular functions.

Add friends on WeChat:

If you would like to start chatting with a person on WeChat, the first thing you need to do is add this person to your WeChat friend list. Just like other communication apps, you’ll only need to follow a couple of simple steps and everything will be done within a few seconds. In general, there are two ways to add a person on Wechat. You can choose to search for this person’s WeChat ID or phone number, or scan this person’s QR code, and then click on “Add” after this person’s homepage appears on the screen. You’ll be able to start chatting with him or her right after your friend request has been accepted. 

Send a message or….?

If you think sending messages is the only way you can communicate with your friends on WeChat, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Sending messages is now considered to be one of the most basic functions for most communication apps, which means in addition to sending text messages, you can also voice or video call your friends on WeChat without being charged a single penny. 

Transfer money

In China, it’s a tradition to give out “红包 (hóng bāo) = red packet” on special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, and it can be easily done on WeChat if your bank account is linked to your WeChat. All you need to do is to click on “+” at the bottom, and then choose “Red Packet”. After that, you will be asked to enter the amount of money that you would like to send and a few words of good wishes. Finally, click on “Prepare Red Packet”, and your money will be received by the other party after he or she agrees to accept it. 

Send location

Imagine you and your friends decide to meet up on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, but some of your friends have problem finding the gathering place. Again it’s very easy to help them out on WeChat. You’ll only need to click on “Location” under the “+” category and enter the address in “Search for a place”. After everything’s been done, click on “Send” at the top and a map with your location will be received by your friends instantly.   

WeChat Moments

Nowadays young people in China are addicted to posting interesting photos and videos on WeChat to share funny moments with their friends, which has made browsing WeChat moments something that Chinese people must do every day. What is thought to be enchanting about WeChat moments is that it allows its users to post whatever images and texts they want on their mobile phones and let friends from their contact list view the contents. Well, if you would like to do that, simply go to “Moments”, and then click on the camera sign. You’ll then be asked to take a photo or choose a photo from your album. You can enter a few words as a comment and add a couple of emojies after choosing your photos. Finally, click “Send” and you’ll be able to share your post with your friends. 

Top up your mobile phone

When your phone account balance is not enough, you can top up your mobile phone on WeChat within a few seconds given that your bank account is linked to your WeChat. What you need to do is click on “Me” at the bottom, and then choose WeChat Pay, and you’ll see quite a few choices on your screen after that. The only thing left is to click on “Mobile Top Up” and select the amount to be topped up.

Order food

Food delivery has been gaining popularity across China because it’s quick and convenient. Instead of calling the restaurant to order dishes and pay by cash after they arrive, Chinese people now can have everything done on WeChat. If you have a clear idea what type of food that you want to order, go to “Me“ and click on “Food Delivery”, and then enter the name of the food that you are looking for. A list of dishes with pictures plus restaurant information will then pop up on the screen. Choose the one that you like and then click on “Go Pay”, all you need to do next is enter your address and confirm your payment. 

Author: This blog is provided by Ivan Suchkov, an English and Russian-speaking language specialist at 
That’s Mandarin Chinese Language School. Ivan grew up in China and has a profound understanding of Chinese and Russian cultures.

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