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Chinese Reading Practice for Beginners

Reading Chinese at a beginner level can take patience and effort, but with the right practice readings you can quickly improve your reading skills. You probably know how to read more Chinese than you realize. There is something powerful about reading sentences and stories in Chinese that helps you jumpstart your language learning. Try reading this sentence:


How did it go? If you could read this, great! You are definitely ready to jump into the Du Chinese app and practice reading our beginner level materials. Didn’t know what it said? You could probably use some help such as pinyin or pronunciation assistance as you’re going. Try the following beginner level reading practices which will include help when you need it:

HSK 1 Reading Practice

Chatting About Friends
Two Words for “Can”
Do you have WeChat?
How much is this?”
Lili’s siblings”

HSK 2 Reading Practice

How to Give Commands in Chinese
Let’s Talk Later
Do you have a charger?
Does your room need cleaning?
Bust to the library

Once you have gone through those practice readings, try and read some more of the stories that are linked to continue your progress. If you go to our lessons page you will find access to more readings at the “newbie” and “beginner” levels that will give you a chance to improve your Chinese. You got this!

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