Chinese Numbers 1-100

Learn to count using Chinese numbers 1-100. Counting in Chinese is a delightfully simple task. Learning to count to 100 actually only requires you to learn 11 numbers! That’s because you only need to know the number 1-10 and the word for “hundred.” Actually after you learn those 11 words, you can count to 999 and if you learn one more word you’ll be able to count to 9999! Let me explain.

First let’s start with the numbers 1-10 in Chinese:

  1. 一 Yī
  2. 二 Èr
  3. 三 Sān
  4. 四 Sì
  5. 五 Wǔ
  6. 六 Liù
  7. 七 Qī
  8. 八 Bā
  9. 九 Jiǔ
  10. 十 Shí

Simple enough, right? You can check out our Numbers lesson if you need help on pronunciation. Turn on pinyin and follow along the audio. Check out this post if you’re just starting to read Chinese.
You’re going to love the number 11 in Chinese:

十一 Shí yī

That’s right, you just say “ten one.” Twelve is just “ten two,” or 十二 (Shí èr).
The pattern continues. And once you get to twenty:

二十 Èr shí

That’s right, you just say “two ten” And 21:

二十一 Èr shí yī

It’s like “Two ten one” and that pattern continues. Two ten two, two ten three, etc. So forty five would just be “four ten five.”

四十五 Sì shí wǔ

Try counting all the way to ninety-nine! Once you get there you need to know just one more character and you can say 100:

一百 Yì bǎi

How cool is that? Congratulations on learning how to count to 100 in Chinese. You are a Chinese learning superstar! Quick test: How would you say 276 (hint: two – hundred – seven – ten – six). You can now count to 999! Wow, that was fast. You know how to say almost one thousand words in Chinese! If you’re ready to practice more Chinese, try some of our beginner Chinese reading practice.

Chinese numbers 1-100

11十一Shí Yī
12十二Shí èr
13十三Shí sān
14十四Shí sì
15十五Shí wǔ
16十六Shí liù
17十七Shí qī
18十八Shí bā
19十九Shí jiǔ
20二十Èr shí
21二十一Èr shí yī
22二十二Èr shí èr
23二十三Èr shí sān
24二十四Èr shí sì
25二十五Èr shí wǔ
26二十六Èr shí liù
27二十七Èr shí qī
28二十八Èr shí bā
29二十九Èr shí jiǔ
30三十Sān shí
31三十一Sān shí yī
32三十二Sān shí èr
33三十三Sān shí sān
34三十四Sān shí sì
35三十五Sān shí wǔ
36三十六Sān shí liù
37三十七Sān shí qī
38三十八Sān shí bā
39三十九Sān shí jiǔ
40四十Sì shí
41四十一Sì shí yī
42四十二Sì shí èr
43四十三Sì shí sān
44四十四Sì shí sì
45四十五Sì shí wǔ
46四十六Sì shí liù
47四十七Sì shí qī
48四十八Sì shí bā
49四十九Sì shí jiǔ
50五十Wǔ shí
51五十一Wǔ shí yī
52五十二Wǔ shí èr
53五十三Wǔ shí sān
54五十四Wǔ shí sì
55五十五Wǔ shí wǔ
56五十六Wǔ shí liù
57五十七Wǔ shí qī
58五十八Wǔ shí bā
59五十九Wǔ shí jiǔ
60六十Liù shí
61六十一Liù shí yī
62六十二Liù shí èr
63六十三Liù shí sān
64六十四Liù shí sì
65六十五Liù shí wǔ
66六十六Liù shí liù
67六十七Liù shí qī
68六十八Liù shí bā
69六十九Liù shí jiǔ
70七十Qī shí
71七十一Qī shí yī
72七十二Qī shí èr
73七十三Qī shí sān
74七十四Qī shí sì
75七十五Qī shí wǔ
76七十六Qī shí liù
77七十七Qī shí qī
78七十八Qī shí bā
79七十九Qī shí jiǔ
80八十Bā shí
81八十一Bā shí yī
82八十二Bā shí èr
83八十三Bā shí sān
84八十四Bā shí sì
85八十五Bā shí wǔ
86八十六Bā shí liù
87八十七Bā shí qī
88八十八Bā shí bā
89八十九Bā shí jiǔ
90九十Jiǔ shí
91九十一Jiǔ shí yī
92九十二Jiǔ shí èr
93九十三Jiǔ shí sān
94九十四Jiǔ shí sì
95九十五Jiǔ shí wǔ
96九十六Jiǔ shí liù
97九十七Jiǔ shí qī
98九十八Jiǔ shí bā
99九十九Jiǔ shí jiǔ
100一百Yì bǎi
Chinese Numbers 1-100

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