Chinese Numbers 1-100

Counting in Chinese is a delightfully simple task. Learning to count to 100 actually only requires you to learn 11 numbers! That’s because you only need to know the number 1-10 and the word for “hundred.” Actually after you learn those 11 words, you can count to 999 and if you learn one more word you’ll be able to count to 9999! Let me explain.

First let’s start with the numbers 1-10 in Chinese:

  1. 一 Yī

  2. 二 Èr

  3. 三 Sān

  4. 四 Sì

  5. 五 Wǔ

  6. 六 Liù

  7. 七 Qī

  8. 八 Bā

  9. 九 Jiǔ

  10. 十 Shí

Simple enough, right? You can check out a video on counting to 10 if you need help on the pronunciation.
You’re going to love the number 11 in Chinese:

十一 Shí yī

That’s right, you just say “ten one.” Twelve is just “ten two,” or 十二 (Shí èr).
The pattern continues. Once your get to twenty:

二十 Èr shí

And 21:

二十一 Èr shí yī

That pattern continues. So forty five would just be “four ten five.”

Try counting all the way to ninety-nine! Once you get there you need to know one more character and you can say 100:

一百 Yì bǎi

How cool is that? Congratulations on learning how to count to 100 in Chinese. You are a Chinese learning superstar! Try out Du Chinese if you’re ready to learn more and practice your reading.