Bus to the Library – HSK 2 Reading Practice

Getting around in China is not always easy. I always say that I love metro systems and I hate taking buses. When I lived in Hangzhou there was only one metro line so buses were usually the only option. I had a friend who would just hop on a bus and ride around until she got to a place that she recognized. Sometimes she would literally just sit and ride the bus for two hours to see where it goes! It was crazy. She didn’t speak Chinese so she had a hard time figuring out what to do. You can figure out buses much more quickly by learning the words in this HSK level 2 reading practice.

As you probably already know, the first two HSK levels have 150 characters each. If you learned around 10 characters a day that means that you could learn them all in 2 weeks! That’s pretty amazing. In order to make those characters useful you’ll need to combine them together in sentences and then really begin to understand what they mean. That’s why encourage so much reading practice, so you can understand context and how to actually use the words you know. You’ll also learn more words that are frequently used which will help you naturally expand your vocabulary

Reading Practice

After trying out the sentences, follow the links at the bottom of the page to view the full lessons.

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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