The Best Conversation Topics to Practice Chinese – HSK 5

In this HSK 5 reading practice we’ll take a look at some conversational topics in Chinese. At this level, Chinese conversation is one of the best ways that you can practice your language skills and expand your vocabulary. When you don’t have someone to practice Chinese with, reading can bring you many of the same benefits. 

In these example sentences you can find pronunciation and reading assistance as needed. At this level you will likely want to turn off pinyin initially and see what you can read without it. When needed you can hover over the word for pinyin and translations.

Study tips:

    • Try to read the sentences with pinyin off
    • Hover over words or turn the pinyin on as needed
    • Listen to the recording to check your pronunciation
    • Follow the link at the bottom and practice reading the full script

HSK 5 Reading Practice

Remember, first try reading these phrases without pinyin or translations. Then, try out these conversation starters on your Chinese friends next time you have the chance! We love it when people become more connected through Chinese. 

See the full lesson on conversation topics in China here.

Or click here to try another HSK 5 level reading.

We have hundred of HSK 5 lessons available for you to improve your Chinese reading skills. Try the upper intermediate and advanced lessons and see how it goes. If you’re finding it too easy, you can always move up to master level. The way we recommend to approach it is to start with things that are easy for your to read. If you can comprehend around 95-98% that’s perfect. You’ll find that at that pace you can improve your reading skills in a natural and enjoyable way. In order to improve even faster, just read more content! Practice more reading and take your Chinese to the next level by downloading the Du Chinese app.

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