Let’s talk later – HSK 2 Reading Practice

In this HSK 2 reading practice, we’ll look at a conversation between two friends trying to make plans. At HSK level 2 you’ll be able to start making basic conversation in Chinese. The phrases below will be great for you to learn so you can practice making conversation in Chinese. 

Before I learned to read stories in Chinese, I first learned “texting” Chinese. Simple phrases that are useful for texting friends in Chinese. You can work short messages like these in your conversations, using a sort of “Chinglish.” It will help you apply what you learn. The more ways that you can use your Chinese the more it will stick. 

Going from HSK 2 to HSK 3 can be one of the quickest jumps that you make. Now that you are getting into the rhythm of learning Chinese, these 150 characters are actually easier to learn than the first 150. If you download the “Du Chinese” app you’ll see that all the words in our readings are underlined based on HSK level. In real conversation and writing characters can be pulled from anywhere. For our readings we base them on skill level, but draw from different levels when needed for the story. 

Suggestion for study: 

  • Turn off pinyin and follow along with the Native audio recording
  • After going through it, turn on pinyin when needed
  • Repeat the phrase, but don’t try to memorize every word
  • Enjoy really reading Chinese! Try out our app to practice and improve quickly

Example Sentences: 

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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