Hurry Up – HSK 3 Reading Practice

In this HSK 3 level reading practice we’re going to take a look at how to use the phrase “Hurry Up” in Chinese. If there’s one Chinese phrase that I’ve heard a lot my entire life, it’s this phrase. My mom loves to get me out the door and going wherever we need to go. As an HSK 3 reader you are able to start having basic daily conversations. Try to use the phrases that you read in your everyday life or with the people around you as practice. Hurry up is an easy phrase to practice because you can use it anytime you are going somewhere.

Suggestion for study: 

  • Try reading the phrases below without pinyin
  • Listen to the native speaker and follow along
  • Read through on your own with pinyin when you need it
  • Try the full reading at the bottom of the page. 

Practice Sentences

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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