Don’t just use “好朋友” – HSK 5 Reading Practice

This HSK 5 level reading practice will introduce you to some new ways to describe relationships with your friends. At this level, I’m sure you’ve used “good friend” to describe most of your friends in Chinese. We want to help you expand your vocabulary while continuing to reinforce the Chinese vocabulary that you already know. At your intermediate to advanced reading level, you should be able to enjoy reading many stories and books in Chinese. With our “Du Chinese” app you can practice reading Chinese with help when you need it. 

Hopefully you have some friends with whom you can practice Chinese. We suggest reading everything you can and then applying the new phrases you learn when you are chatting with people in real life. You can also use e-mails or WeChat to practice your Chinese. 

Suggestion for study: 

  • Turn off pinyin and try reading the sentences without assistance 
  • Hit “play” and follow along with the Native speaker
  • Review the sentence until you feel comfortable with it
  • Download “Du Chinese” to practice full lessons and save any words you don’t know to our SRS flashcard system

Example Sentences: 

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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