Do Chinese Use “Ni Hao”? – HSK 4 Reading Practice

Try out this reading practice designed for HSK 4 learners. It’s about the most well known Chinese greeting word: Ni Hao. There is a lot of debate that happens online about whether this is actually the right way to say hello or not. In the example sentences below we’ll show you when it is and is not appropriate.

After you get done with these sentences, you’ll find a link to our full lesson. You can also download the Du Chinese app to study hundreds of lessons all written for your current Chinese reading level.

When reading at an HSK 4 level there is a lot of content available. We recommend reading as much as you can. Try not to pause every time you run into a word you don’t know. If you read for understanding, you can effectively learn Chinese in a natural way. Reading texts is almost like a puzzle for your mind that it will begin to make sense of. Flashcards and dictionaries have their place, but they should be tools to help you read more. Not the other way around. 

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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Are you looking for even more practice? You’re in luck. We have hundreds of HSK 4 lessons . Try out our intermediate and upper intermediate lessons and see how it goes. Remember, don’t be afraid to read at a lower level so that you can practice more. Reading a larger amount of content at a lower level can help you learn more than a smaller amount at a higher level.

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