Checking in at the Airport – HSK 4 Reading Practice

In this HSK 4 reading practice we’re going to help you with some basic travel Chinese. We’ll look at some key phrases that you will likely hear at the airport. Each phrase comes with reading assistance as you need it. You can choose to show pinyin, switch between simplified and traditional characters and listen to a native Chinese speaker’s recording.

These example sentences are selected from a conversation between Ben and the agent at the airport check-in counter. You can find the full lesson linked below, or on our Chinese reading practice app.

Suggestion for study:

  • Read with no assistance
  • Play the recording and follow along
  • Hover over words to see English translations
  • Practice with the full lesson

Reading Practice

See these example sentences used in a conversation here.

Here‘s another lesson about traveling to China.

Take your Chinese reading skills to the next level using our app:

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