Discounts in Chinese

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Everyone loves a good discount. When you’re shopping around, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for discount signs and promotions. Discounts in Chinese can initially be confusing if you are coming from English. In English we usually express discounts and a percent off the original price. For example, 25% off. In Chinese, it’s the opposite! Instead of the percent off they tell you how much of the original price you are going to pay. When you see 折 (zhé) it indicates a discount. Let me show you a few examples to illustrate this:

  • 9折 – You pay 90% of the original price, so you get 10% off
  • 8折 – You pay 80% of the original price (20% off)
  • 1折 – You pay 10% of the original price – this is a crazy deal!

So in Chinese when it comes to discounts the smaller the number the better!

Here is a step by step guide to discounts in Chinese

  1. Look at the number before 折
  2. Add a “0” to that number
  3. Multiply that percentage by the original price
  4. You’ve got a deal!

You might be confused on how 9折 means 90% times the price. That’s because 9折 actually means 0.9 multiplied by the price. So if the price is 7折 then it is 0.7 times the price. The easiest is 5折 because it just means half price.

Now that you can read those discount signs you’ll know not to get too excited when you see 9折! Go out and find the best deals!

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