Buying Cold Medicine – HSK 3 Reading Practice

Picture this: You’re in China and you’ve caught a terrible cold. Suddenly you’re going to have to track down some cold medicine and ask for it in Chinese! Luckily you stumbled across this HSK 3 reading practice blog post that will teach you just the answer. The sentences here are designed to primarily draw from characters that you already know, while adding some that will expand your vocabulary and make it even more useful.

These phrases are ones that you’ll want to learn now, before you need to use them. I remember when I was still in High School I traveled to Shanghai with my dad. He was there for work and actually left me for a few days on my own! It was exciting and fun; I went to Suzhou (a beautiful nearby city) and saw the gardens, I visited the museum in Shanghai and I stayed in some youth hostels. I spoke Chinese well enough that it was all pretty enjoyable, until I got to my last day: I got sick! And guess what, I wasn’t really sure what to ask for and I felt too sick to even try.

After reading the example sentences below, try following the link to see the full lesson. You can find this and other lessons on our main page or the app.

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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