Two words for “can”: 会 (huì) and 能 (néng) – HSK 1 Reading Practice

In this beginner Chinese reading practice we’ll look at a couple different ways to say “can” in Chinese. These phrases are taken from an excerpt of Ben’s diary – a foreign exchange student in China. You can follow Ben’s story and learn Chinese along the way. 

As a beginning Chinese reader, you may initially find it difficult to recognize many characters. We start our lessons from ground zero with audio and pinyin available to assist you. You’ll be able to quickly go from HSK 1 to HSK 2 and onward. At this early stage in your Chinese study you can progress very quickly through daily practice. Although you may not recognize many characters yet, you will be able to progress quickly as you read stories. Especially when starting out you will benefit from the audio recordings included and you may also want to try watching Chinese video lessons.  

The examples below will give you an idea of what our beginning Chinese reading practices are like. 

Suggestion for study: 

  • Hit “play” and follow along with the Native Speaker
  • Review the translation and try to understand the meaning
  • Don’t stress about memorizing every character at this point
  • After completing the practice sentences, try downloading our app to learn more

Practice Sentences:

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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Take your Chinese reading skills to the next level using our app:

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