China’s favorite snack: 瓜子 – HSK 6 Reading Practice

What kind of snacks do you like to eat? In this HSK 6 level reading practice we’ll take a look at a common Chinese snack. As you read through the practice sentences you may learn some new words and have a chance to better understand Chinese culture. Growing up I remember eating seeds with my grandma while watching TV. As you read you will learn more about China, Chinese culture and even Chinese food. 

By the time you are an HSK level 6, you are comfortable reading a lot of Chinese. You’ll find on our Chinese reading app that there are all sorts of advanced stories for you to dive into. Whenever you need assistance you can quickly access pinyin and translations. We even have Chinese dictionaries with more examples linked, such as Pleco. Try the sentences below and when you’re ready, try our full lessons. They are available both on the “Du Chinese” app and on our website. 

Practice Sentences: 

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