How to talk about your Family in Chinese – HSK 1


In this HSK level 1 lesson we’re going to practice reading some simple phrases you can use when talking about family. The practice sentences in this blog are taken from a longer reading practice that you can find on the Du Chinese app or in the link at the end of this post. Lili is a character that you’ll find frequently in our stories. Is she a love interest of Ben? Or maybe just a friend? You’ll find out as you read through our lessons.

Tips for HSK 1 Level Readers

We hope that you enjoy all the stories and lessons we have at every HSK level. At an HSK 1 reading level, many students feel that they are limited in the reading material they can access. We’re happy to inform you that you can actually read tons of material! We have lessons rated “Newbie” and “Beginner” for all of you new Chinese learners. At HSK 1 you should be working towards 150 or more words in Chinese. As a beginner you may find that you need extra help with translations and pinyin to understand. That’s no problem! In fact you can hover over any word in the practice sentences to see translations for the word.

When you are using the Du Chinese app you’ll see that at the bottom of the screen you can just tap to turn pinyin on and off. You can also just tap to enable or disable English translations.

After you finish with the practice sentences below, there are links to the entire lesson and another lesson for you to enjoy. When you’re ready to really take your Chinese reading skills to the next level, download the Du Chinese app!

Reading Practice

To read the entire lesson you can click here

If you’d like another HSK 1 level reading practice try this lesson

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