New features coming for Du Chinese subscribers

We’re happy to announce that we have new features we’re adding to help you learn more with Du Chinese. We’ll update this page with more details soon. We’re excited to be adding more features for listening to lessons in the background and offline learning.

Listening Practice

Listening to Chinese is a great way to help your pronunciation and comprehension. Imagine if you were a native English speaking American and you wanted to learn a British accent. Naturally you would try to listen to people speaking with a British accent and then try and mimic it. The same goes for learning to speak Chinese properly. That’s why every lesson includes a professional voice recording by a native Chinese speaker. Just as we know the value of extensive reading, there is also a huge value in extensive listening.

Offline Learning

A longstanding request from you (our users!) has been to be able to save lessons for offline reading. Well, get ready because it’s coming! Pretty soon you’ll be able to read to your hearts content even with no internet.

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