Astrological Signs in Chinese

In China the Chinese zodiac is the most famous, but many young people are also interested in the astrological signs as well, so it can be a good topic of conversation when you are making new Chinese friends.

In this blog, we will learn how to ask for someone’s astrological sign in Chinese, and also how to say all 12 signs.
An astrological sign in Chinese is called xīngzuò, so you can ask your friend’s sign like this:

If they don’t know their sign, you can ask when their birthday is and inform them of their sign.

And here’s how to say the 12 astrological signs in Chinese.

Astrological Signs
mó jié zuò 摩羯座
shuǐ píng zuò 水瓶座
shuāng yú zuò 双鱼座
bái yáng zuò 白羊座
jīn niú zuò 金牛座
shuāng zǐ zuò 双子座
jù xiè zuò 巨蟹座
shī zi zuò 狮子座
chǔ nǚ zuò 处女座
tiān chèng zuò 天秤座
tiān xiē zuò 天蝎座
shè shǒu zuò 射手座

Now that you know how to say your sign, when someone asks you shìshénmexīngzuòde?You can reply shì + sign + de. For example:

Chinese people also like to look up how well two signs match. In Chinese, to match is called pèiduì, so you can express yourself like this:

Related Words
yùn shì 运势
love constellation
ài qíng yùn 爱情运
work constellation
gōng zuò yùn 工作运
lucky color
xìng yùn yán sè 幸运颜色
lucky number
xìng yùn shù zì 幸运数字
lucky crystal
xìng yùn shuǐ jīng 幸运水晶

Now you can talk about astrological signs with your friends in Chinese, and I’m sure they will love it!

If you want to learn to speak even more Chinese you can practice here.

This is the accompanying blog post for our intermediate lesson “What’s your Sign“.

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