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Du Chinese Reviews

A collection of some of our favorite Du Chinese reviews. Du Chinese is rated as the top app for Chinese reading practice on both the app store and Google play store. Some of the useful features of Du Chinese include: 

  • Recommended lessons based on your reading history 
  • Full access to stories, lessons and premium content
  • Goal-tracking features 
  • SRS-based flashcard system
  • Pleco Chinese dictionary integration
  • Subscription access both on the website and in our app 
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters
  • New lessons every weekday 


Great app for developing listening and reading skills. The part that puts it over the top for me is that I can choose traditional characters! It is incredibly hard to find apps, programs, and books that cater to those of us who are studying Mandarin, but a focused on traditional script.
– Liani Thomas Prewitt, Google Play Store

Best app if you’re wanting to increase your vocab and reading ability via language context. Apps like drops are good, but nothing beats learning vocabulary through the context of stories. I’ve tried over 30 different Chinese learning apps over the 5 years that I’ve been learning Mandarin. This app is definitely worth the subscription. Try it out
– Thomas Jaquith, Google Play Store

The best source for level-graded reading materials, and even better with human reading audios (instead of automation text-to-voice). To me it’s a catch because the graded story books are always expensive, around 10$ for just some short stories. But for this app, I have quite unlimited resources in different fields. Majority using characters based on each HSK level, they writes a variety of stories and articles, which help me understand the way to bring the text-book words into the real life contexts. Some features are really helpful for remembering the words: show/hide pinyin, show/ hide the meaning, also just click then the word will be read immediately
-Nhung Hong Nguyen, Google Play Store

A great and straightforward app for learning Chinese through stories. I don’t really like sifting through grammar and vocabulary books or even flashcards. Instead, stories help you learn through imagination and creativity, you immerse yourself into the story and learn the words because you want to understand the story. Great!
– Jordan Womersley, Google Play Store

This app changed my life in learning Chinese. It gave me so much motivation to learn more and more in every single day. Everything is crystal clear and the way it presents and categorized is very interesting. At not paying level there are tons of things to you can learn. “Du Chinese” Thank you for existing…. ❤❤❤
– indika pathirana, Google Play Store

Absolutely Fantastic App
I had done most of the apps with the free Chinese lessons and was getting discouraged that I wasn’t understanding the language any better than what I already was. I knew about seven hundred words but didn’t know how to put those words into sentences and still didn’t comprehend spoken Chinese very well. This app was the bridge that I needed to cover the gap of what I was missing from my other Chinese lessons. This put the words into perspective for me, and because of that I am now able to pick them out upon hearing them spoken, much better than before. I am very pleased!!
– BenGenGal, App Store

A fantastic graded reader
Comes out with good new material regularly. Provides a generous amount for free, and the instant translations make reading any passage a smooth experience. One of the best Chinese learning apps I’ve used.
– Ceunon, App Store

Fantastic App
Fantastic app. Really makes learning easier with innovative use of technology. Lots of free content, but I chose to subscribe to support the makers of this great app.
– Respect4all, App Store

Extremely Useful
As an American born chinese, it’s been tough finding an app that could teach me how to read chinese. This app truly really helps!
– JayLu1426374850, App Store

Must have app for Chinese learners
As an intermediate student of Chinese, I’m always on the hunt for graded content, and so I was a little surprised to find this app because it wasn’t on my radar. I’m glad I did. The interface is ridiculously easy to navigate, making the content a breeze to read. But the best part is the optional voice narration, which follows the text karaoke style. You can set the pace and easily jump backwards and forwards in the text, so it’s possible to listen and read along at the same time (even if you read pretty slow.) This is important, IMO, because the listening really seems to reinforce the reading and vice versa. And at the very least, you’re activating two areas of your brain at once, which makes study time highly efficient.
– Sapien, App Store

One of the best!
I have been using apps to learn Chinese for several years and only just found this one. It is one of the best apps I have used. It pulls together functions from several apps I have been using to learn to read chinese. Written content, spoken content, dictionary, vocabulary list. The interface is clean, intuitive and very well thought out. When looking up a word it even has a button to link to Pleco, if you have it, so you can get even more information on the word.
If you are learning to read Chinese this is the best app I have found to date. I immediately subscribed to support the work of this developer.
Really well done!
Update 22 Nov 2018….after using this app for a few days I am finding the content to be very good. Many cover situations that I encounter in real life and therefore I find useful. Articles use simple enough language that I can understand most of it but there are always a few words that I don’t know, so I learn something new.
I am trying to improve my listening comprehension so here is how I use it.
I chose an article and I listen to the audio first. I try to understand what is said.
Next I read the article and save words that are new. Then I listen to the audio a couple more times.
I read two articles every day
-Cjohnson6, App Store

Try it out

Du Chinese is free to try. There are a few lessons available at every level to give you a feel of what using the app is like. Once you feel ready to really dive into your studies, sign up as a premium user and get full access to all the lessons and features. If you spend even just 15 minutes a day reading stories in the app we’re confident you will notice the improvement in your Chinese.

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