Gamify your Chinese learning with Ninchanese

What if there was a way you could study Chinese without feeling like you are studying? Ninchanese aims to do just that. While Ninchanese has an unassuming cute cat as its mascot, don’t underestimate this powerful learning resource. Ninchanese helps you learn Chinese in an effective and engaging way that keeps you coming back for more.

What is Ninchanese?

Available on web browsers and Android, Ninchanese helps you increase your Chinese vocabulary and language skills. Imagine campaigning through a story and playing games to learn a language. The application is filled with Chinese grammar lessons, pronunciation practice, and exercises to train your listening and typing skills. On top of all of the learning tools, Ninchanese has charming cartoons like Nincha, Yocha and Baimei that all have a role in your journey to learn Chinese.

Through your Chinese learning journey, each campaign includes a roadmap and exercises for you to review new vocabulary, build sentences, practice speaking and listening.

Learn words with Nincha!

In Learn mode, Nincha is your vocabulary coach. Gradually increase your vocabulary while practicing your pinyin and English translations through the SRS flashcard system. 

Build Sentences with Yocha!

In Sentence mode, Yocha is the master of grammar. He provides a grammar lesson and exercises to practice building sentences with words learned with Nincha.

Express yourself with Baimei!

In Speaking mode Baimei helps you practice your speaking through voice recognition. In Listening mode, Baimei helps you better understand spoken Chinese. 

Content within Ninchanese

Aside from the main HSK levels (1-6), Ninchanese also has a roadmap for phrases, radicals/components, Movies, Business, Food, and more. Even with a free account, you have access to 150 free grammar lessons and a Chinese character dictionary of more than 50,000 characters. Though there is a strict roadmap for you to follow so you don’t get too ahead of yourself. 

When you start your Chinese learning journey, you begin as an adorable Togepi-style egg named Lupishu!

As you progress through the learning campaigns, you pick up more and more vocabulary and Lupishu evolves and goes through its own evolution! 

The roadmap provides guidance and helps you learn in manageable sections. Choose your own adventure and learn according to your level and interests. 


One of the most unique features of Ninchanese is that you can challenge opponents to learn Chinese characters with the community. This is especially fun if you have friends who may also be learning Chinese as well. If not, you can challenge random opponents who are online, though sometimes you may be waiting for your opponent’s turn.

Cost of Ninchanese

While the vocabulary learning is accessible through the free plan, some learning modes may be limited. The premium plan starts at $10/month and grants you access to the speaking mode, listening mode, sentence building mode, and more.
Overall, Ninchanese provides a manageable approach to learning Chinese. The curriculum brings you through all of the content necessary to pass HSK 1-6 exams, including all of the grammar points. If you are someone who likes guidance in your Chinese learning journey, make sure to check out Ninchanese with this discount code: DUCHINESE20. 


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