Addressing Colleagues in the Workplace – HSK 6 Reading Practice

In this HSK 6 reading practice we’ll begin to look at how to appropriately address colleagues in the workplace. These excerpts are taken from a more in-depth lesson that you will find linked below. As you study the lesson try disabling pinyin and reading on your own. You can then hit the play button to hear the sentences read by a native speaker. If there are any words that you don’t know, you can hover over them to see a translation. When reading using the “Du Chinese” app you can also press down and swipe up on a word to save it to your flashcards.

Suggestion for study:

  • Read with no pinyin
  • Play the recording and follow along
  • Hover over any words you are unfamiliar with
  • Try reading the whole lesson

Reading Practice

To read the entire lesson you can click here

If you’d like another HSK 6 level reading practice try this lesson

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