Do You Have a Charger – HSK 2 Reading Practice

Here is one of the most useful HSK 2 reading practices yet: Asking for a charger! When you’re traveling or living abroad you may be surprised at how fast your battery drains. Using Google Translate (when it works!), Pleco dictionary and of course Du Chinese 😉 can burn through your battery quickly. Having a power bank can definitely help, but how do you even say power bank in Chinese? You’ll find the answer in the practice sentences below!

HSK 2 is a very exciting level to be at for Chinese, and it’s the perfect time to up your reading skills. At this level you are approaching a point where you can actually read a lot of content. By the time you hit HSK 3 you’ll be able to enjoy reading hundreds and hundreds of articles that we have written for your level. In order to advance your Chinese level try the full lessons that we have linked at the bottom of the page and consider downloading the Du Chinese app for even more lessons. 

Suggestion for Study

  • Listen to the audio recording while following along
  • Try to pick up the meaning and words without hints
  • Go back and hover over the words that you still don’t understand

Practice Sentences

To read the entire lesson you can click here

If you’d like another HSK 2 level reading practice try this lesson

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