How Much Is This? – HSK 1 Reading Practice


This HSK 1 reading practice is based on one of the most useful phrases that you’ll use when visiting a Chinese-speaking country. You can choose to read these sentences using traditional or simplified Chinese. You can also turn on or turn off pinyin as needed.

Many students don’t start reading much until they reach a higher level of Chinese. But if you want to have results that are out of the ordinary, you shouldn’t study in an ordinary way. Try our “Newbie” lessons in the Du Chinese app and don’t be afraid to use pinyin and translations as much as necessary. As your reading skills improve you can rely less on pinyin and focus more on reading characters. Although pinyin is widely used as a way to type Chinese and to learn Chinese, that is about the extent of its use.

I have met some beginner Chinese learners that think they can use pinyin to communicate with native speakers. Seeing pinyin typed out can actually be confusing for many Chinese, so you’ll want to learn to use Chinese characters to write what you are going to say. You can type the pinyin on your phone or computer and then select the correct character.

Try the sentences below and afterward you will find links to the full lesson along with another lesson you may enjoy. If you’re ready to really take your Chinese to the next level, try downloading the “Du Chinese” app. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store.

Reading Practice

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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