I Want a Refund – HSK 4 Reading Practice

In this HSK 4 reading practice we’ll practice a few phrases that will help your Chinese listening, reading and writing. These excerpts come from a longer lesson which you’ll find linked at the bottom of the page. In that lesson you’ll find five HSK4 words, one HSK5 word and many words that come from the lower HSK levels. You’ll even run into a few words that are not found in the HSK exams. These examples were written in a way that you can practice the Chinese that you do know, but still get exposure to new words.

These sentences are part of a longer conversation between a store manager and a customer returning his printer. As you look at the examples you will be able to follow along with a native speaker. You can also select traditional or simplified characters. To view English translations, simply hover the mouse over the words you would like to know.

Study Tips:

    • Read without assistance
    • Listen and follow along
    • Hover over words you do not understand
    • Practice with the full lesson

See these example sentences used in a conversation here.

Here‘s another lesson about ordering something in a store.

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