“I” and “You” in Chinese – HSK 6 Reading Practice


In this HSK level 6 reading practice we’ll take a look at some ways to say “I” and “You” in Chinese. In everyday life you can certainly get by with the usual “我 ” and “你,” but by learning these additional words you can be more respectful or modest in your conversations. Jump into the sentences below to practice your reading skills while also learning these new phrases.

Suggestion for study

First, try to read through without any assistance. If you get stuck on some words try and think about if you’ve seen them before. Sometimes you can guess the meaning based on familiar parts of the character. You can also look at the context to see if that helps you understand.

After that, try listening to the recording of a native speaker reading the text. You’ll probably be able to understand some of the words that you missed the first time.

If there are any words that you still don’t understand, hover over the words to see their translations.

When using the Du Chinese app you can use these same strategies in an even more streamlined manner. After the example sentences you’ll find a link to the full lesson as well as another HSK 6 level reading.

Reading Practice

To read the entire lesson you can click here

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